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Signs of Wildlife

Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales

Carmel National Nature Reserve lies close to the village of Carmel in Carmarthenshire. The site is managed by the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales and Natural Resources Wales (NRW).

Its remarkable geology is mainly carboniferous limestone, and is the location of a turlough (lake) or disappearing lake. The lake fills up in the autumn and winter, being fed only by groundwater. The lake disappears by the summer, and is the only known example in Britain.

Over one hundred species of indigenous woodland plants have been recorded on the site, and a similar number of mosses and other non-vascular plants live there. Some parts of the woodland, which has been in existence since the Middle Ages, are coppiced in order to encourage the growth of wildflowers that need more light, but other parts are managed on a ‘minimal intervention’ basis and left largely alone.

We were commissioned by the Trust to produce 5 interpretation panels in green oak.


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