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Ye Pirates Club, Porthcawl, South Wales website design

Ship shape and Porthcawl fashioned

Ye Pirates Club, Porthcawl

Established as a Gentleman’s Club in Porthcawl in 1928, Ye Pirates Club is Located in ‘The Square’ overlooking the harbour and the coast of the Bristol Channel. As the name suggests, the club maintains a nautical theme and the interior has been kept quaint and in character.

The original founders of the Club were professional men whose concept was to provide a friendly haven where members could meet in pleasant surroundings and enjoy a quiet drink. Today, the members are from a wide range of occupations and professions.

The website, like the club itself, has a nautical theme and provides members with a private area where they can log in and read the minutes of the Annual General Meetings and Audited Accounts, newsletters and the rules of the club etc.

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