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Looking Forward to a Greener Future

Cenin Renewables

Cenin Renewables is part of the Cenin Group and develops ground based PV and wind turbine sites. It is committed to the development of renewable energy solutions utilizing circular economic approaches to sustainable business integration.

Based at Parc Stormy, near Bridgend, The Cenin Group has redeveloped a rundown brownfield site into a cluster of Interconnected Renewable Energy Technologies, including:

  • A manufacturing facility that converts mineral wastes from the paper, power and steel industries into a new generation of ultra low-carbon cement.
  • A 750kW solar array and a 1.5MW wind turbine currently supplying 100% of the manufacturing plant’s energy needs, with surplus being sold to the National Grid.
  • A 2.5MW wind turbine to be installed in autumn 2016.
  • A pioneering 10MW battery storage grid balancing project to be installed in 2016.
  • Plans for a hydrogen refuelling and e-car charging station.
  • Agrivert’s 3MW Anaerobic Digestion plant (in construction) to take in organic wastes such as food and crops from the local community and turn them into gas to power an electricity generator. The plant will supply surplus heat to Cenin’s low-carbon cement manufacturing plant and organic fertiliser to local farms which currently use fossil fuel based fertilisers.
  • Cardiff University’s Solcer House, an energy positive test home for sustainable social housing.

This Cluster of green technologies offers a fantastic opportunity for educating current and future generations in sustainable economy and low-carbon energy production. Cenin Group is attempting to demonstrate that considerable local economic benefit and job creation can be achieved by SMEs simply by embracing collaborative approaches that are commonplace across Mainland Europe, for example in places such as Güssing in Austria.

Jonathan Hurley Design Solutions is proud to be associated with this important venture.

“Jon helped us to create our website in a very short time window prior to a public event we were sponsoring. He came to meet us at our office and talked over some design ideas. It was a very easy process. His work rate and attention to detail made the site come to life quickly and to a high standard. We’re very happy with our new website and we are now able to take over the reins and add articles ourselves. We can highly recommend Jonathan Hurley Graphic Design Solutions.”

Reuben Hamon, Cenin Renewables’ Visual Designer & Planning Coordinator