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Following in Pilgrims’ Footsteps

Laleston Community Council

The Ffordd y Gyfraith is an old pilgrimage route that runs through the village of Laleston near Bridgend and continues northwards into the hills around the historic village of Llangynwyd (The burial place of the ‘Maid of Cefn Ydfa’). These medieval routes still make good walking today. They have a sort of resonance from all those footsteps of people travelling in hope. Looking at the fragments of wayside crosses and the little platforms that are all that’s left of peasant cottages and bigger farmhouses, you realise that these empty hills were once home to a thriving and complex society.

We were asked by Laleston Community Council to design signage and a printed trail guide to assist the modern day ‘pilgrim’.

Trail guide front and back cover
Inside pages
Trail guide