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Community Boat Trust launches new trail guide

Swansea Community Boat Trust

A registered charity set up to operate a community boat on the Tawe River navigation in Swansea asked us to produce a trail guide to encourage visitors to the area.

The leaflet, commissioned by The Swansea Community Boat Trust, draws attention to the industrial heritage along the banks of the Tawe River in Swansea and in particular the history of the copper industry that flourished here during the Industrial Revolution.

The peaceful overgrown site overlooking Swansea’s Liberty Stadium would have been a hive of activity 200 years ago. The air would have been thick with poisonous fumes, the river polluted with effluent from the many industries along its banks. It has been described as perhaps the most important industrial site in the United Kingdom. Now all that remains of this activity are a few dilapidated industrial buildings that are in danger of being lost. It is hoped that some may be preserved for future generations.

The trail leaflet takes the visitor on an interesting walk from the National Waterfront Museum up river as far as the Liberty Stadium describing the industrial archaeology along the way.

The trail leaflet was launched at the South Wales Boat Show, where it attracted a huge amount of interest and favourable comment.

John Davies, secretary of the Swansea Community Boat Trust, said: “The Trust is delighted that the leaflet has done so much to raise the profile of the Community Boat project. It has been an excellent marketing tool.

“Thank you for your attention to detail and the care that you took with the design of the trail leaflet. We sent you the JPEGs and Word files and you turned them into this beautiful piece of work that we are very proud to give to people.

“I would not hesitate to recommend Jonathan Hurley Design to anyone looking for a reliable and supportive graphic designer. If, like us, you are new to this sort of project, they will guide you through each stage of the design process.”

The guide will assist in attracting support from local organisations and it is hoped that very soon there will be enough funds to run regular boat trips up the Tawe River.