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Capturing Beauty Against All Odds

Rainbow Images came into existence through the Prince’s Trust, and its founder, despite facing challenges due to Cerebral Palsy, uncovered a profound talent for photography. It all began with the sale of just four cards door-to-door, and today, these images, beautifully reproduced on a range of giftware, cards, and calendars are available for purchase through the new website.

This collaborative project, brought to life by TCRM Web Solutions and Jonathan Hurley Design, celebrates the indomitable spirit of art and determination.

Now nestled in the heart of Wales, known for its rugged landscapes and majestic mountains, Rainbow Images draws deep inspiration from this picturesque land. While sunsets over water hold a special place, the essence of Wales permeates every photograph.

What’s truly remarkable is that, despite the hurdles he faces, the artist seldom relies on a tripod. His steady hands weave magic through the camera lens, creating captivating photos that defy expectations. Rainbow Images’ website is an open invitation to view the world through the eyes of an artist who shatters limitations. Explore the captivating work and celebrate the beauty of Wales.

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