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Camborne Capital land investments

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Camborne Capital

The UK is facing an acute shortage in affordable housing which will require a housing revolution to meet demand. As part of this process, there is strong government backing to support the build-to-let sector. Renting has a huge role to play in addressing the UK’s housing shortage and the creation of a professional rental market will create better housing stock and offer real customer service.

But answering the housing crisis isn’t done with bricks and mortar alone. Any housing solution needs to create sustainable homes and communities – places where people want to live and which cater for the present without prejudicing the needs of the future.

Camborne’s real estate team identifies, develops and constructs large-scale residential developments for the private rented sector. With a focus on sustainability, their projects provide stable income for investors and a desirable home for consumers. Their aim is to deliver 5000 homes across the UK over the next 5 years.

We have been in charge of their printed sales literature since the company was set up in 2016

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