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Jazz on the Sands - The Porthcawl Jazz Festival 2014

New octopus mascot bangs the drum for jazz festival

We are proud to be associated with The Porthcawl Jazz Festival and this year we have been put in charge of their design and advertising.

We have given them a fresh new identity with the introduction of a mascot that embodies the spirit of Seaside Jazz. A competition will be run later in the year to decide upon a name for our cool octopus dude.

So far the following bands have been engaged for the 2014 Festival.

  • The Big Chris Barber Band
  • Internationally acclaimed pianists David Logiri
  • The Rhonda Symphony POPs Orchestra
  • Trumpet master Digby Fairweather
  • The sensational Colourscape

The new branding will appear on feather banners, badges, stickers, posters and press and web advertising.