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Brands, Trade Marks & Corporate Identity

A brand is so much more than just a logo. Your brand encapsulates the entire personality of your organisation and communicates it to the outside world – your customers, your potential customers and even your own personnel. It is important that it accurately reflects your values, aspirations, tone of voice, ethics and standards.

Whether you are launching a new business, or rebranding your business, it is essential that your development plan includes branding and identity. An investment into branding and identity contributes to better customer recognition, more sales and increased profitability.

How it works

The first thing we do is listen.

We then ask you to fill out a simple questionnaire that tells us more about your aims, preferences and requirements.

After a period of research and development you will be presented with a number of design proposals.

We then listen to you again, take on board your comments and suggestions and start refining the design until you are completely happy with your corporate identity.

When you get a brand from us you don’t just get a logo, you get a complete visual identity kit including a comprehensive style manual with instructions on how and how not to use the brand, a rationale that explains what the brand stands for, information on supporting typefaces that should be used for various applications, a corporate colour pallette, and instructions on how the artwork should be laid out for various printed materials.

Your corporate identity is key to your success. Don’t let a hastily designed one hold you back, a well-designed, memorable iconic brand can become your most valuable asset.

Branding Services

  • Name Development
  • Style Guides
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Logos
  • Trade Marks
  • Icons
  • Trade Mark Registration

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